Thursday, January 10, 2019

Office Life

Just a bunch of random things happened in my office!

When I'm too tired to care: konsi edition
Am I invited to a konsinyering (a boring name for just simply back to back meeting from 8 am to 11 pm like a prisoner) at a nice fancy 5 star hotel? Cool. I will wear my most "appropriate casual" outfit. Don't want to look embarrassing at this nice hotel. Another meeting next week? Right, I'll wear another appropriate outfit. Two weeks later, another meeting you said? And it will start on Sunday night? Alright then. Let me wear this "sampadeh minang" t-shirt with cardigan and blue jeans. When the meeting finished for the night, I just need to go back to my room, opened my cardigan and jeans, and changed into pajama pants. I can still use this "sampadeh minang" for tomorrow day meeting.

Friday Life
Things I miss saying on Friday at 10 am:
Maksi mana?
Ntar malem ada keriaan ga? 
Lagi di meja? Telepon dong!
Masdance ada makanan gaa?
Hvft rapat ora uwis-uwis
Things I miss saying on Friday at 5 pm:
Ntar ketemu dimana?
Maswel lu balik kapan?
Masdance jadi lari ga?
Ada sisa kotakan ga?
Hvft rapat ora uwis-uwis

Konsi hotel review (not on particular order)
  1. Pullman: small hotel room. amazing snack and coffee break. hellooo free softdrink! has the best hotel foods in Jakarta imo. so generous with meeting snacks. sometimes it's hard to find the officer especially at night, but when you find them *give thumb*
  2. Kempinski: attentive officer who waits for us even when the meeting is finished at 1 am! the restaurant is very crowded on weekend. dangerous for my pocket since I can easily shop at the mall next to it, which I did whenever I feel bored which I always feel during break.
  3. Four season: WHY OH WHY they changed the hotel! I loooved this hotel when they're still on Kuningan!
  4. Hyatt: nice room. the Ramadhan fest were amazing. sooo close to office. also quite generous with meeting snack.
  5. Ritz Carlton: a very convenient hotel. I visited this hotel so many times I know exactly how their foods taste like lol. they were crazy about ice tea. morning break? ice tea. afternoon break? ice tea. night snack? ice milk tea. and what's that on the restaurant? right, ice tea. not complaining tho. competent staffs!
  6. Raffles: convenient cos it's close to the mall since their restaurant don't have many variety for lunch. good for small meeting.
  7. Fairmont: amazing amenities (hellooo La Labo!). great foods. the meeting rooms are perfect.
  8. Double Tree: the OG konsi hotel. small hotel room. no tub sadly. but they make it up with great foods. very practical. love the durian night on Ramadhan! and who wouldn't love free cookie?
  9. Shangrila: perfect hotel to make sure your meeting participants stay at the meeting since it's kinda far from anywhere.
  10. Mulia: the restaurant is crowded on weekend. but on the flipside, you can see Jakarta nouveau riche and old money side by side.
  11. Borobudur: it's been a looong time since I visited, maybe in 2013? smells old. feels old. feels like mamak-mamak orde baru when I had meeting here. the sop buntut tho, legendary!
  12. Honorary mention: Tentrem Jogja. the hotel for "oh sh*t this is real deal guys" type of konsi. great room. great facilities. their resto has the legendary Tolak Angin flavor ice cream (me no likey). probably my fave out of the bunch but I'm biased cos I like Jogja that much.

Lunch with Om-om review (also not on particular order)
  1. Medan Baru. masdance to me before lunch: "nih kepala ikan kita bagi dua yak". masdance to me after lunch: "ko gue jadi pusing ya?". Yha menurut u kolesterol berasal dari mana mas?
  2. Steak Joni. a nice and cheap steak before we head off to LTC.
  3. Food court LTC. a cheap place to eat when we didn't have time to eat at Steak Joni.
  4. Kopi Oey Sabang. reserved only for curhat/gibah time.
  5. Sirih Merah. the lunch getaway for OG SKBI people.
  6. Kepala kakap tanah abang. cheap and less fatty than Medan Baru, but still delicious nonetheless.
Self Actualization
Since all of my team members are guys, to whom I turn myself into when I feel like talking about make up? The other project's team of course!
4 women 1 lipstick
The Definitive Ranking of Meeting Lunchbox
  1. Buffet: only for fancy event like aanwidzing or whatever. go grab them if you have a chance!
  2. Surya: so ordinary yet so delicious. very convenient to order. I ate this for dinner like a week straight (a dude in my division LOVED Surya so much he always VETOED our dinner votes), but I never get bored of it. Minang is still in my blood after all.
  3. Kotakan pecel: it was okay I guess
  4. Jasun: ehhh....
  5. Adem Ayem: I was done. Even when I hear its name, I can already taste it.

The Definitive Ranking of Overtime Dinner
  1. Nasi Goreng Cakalang Rumate: only if there is G5 or G6 who are willing to pay
  2. Burger King/KFC: see poin 1
  3. Surya: see The Definitive Ranking of Meeting Lunchbox
Just 3 cos we were not really creative about dinner. Sad.

What happened at konsi stays at konsi
cere united

when I had enough: sat in the corner and worked.
I'll update later!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

a new life

Right now is 1.47 AM and instead of continue studying or sleeping, I choose to make a quick note on my long neglected blog.

Just want to say amidst the stress of exams and assignments, I am so blessed to be here. At one of the best universities in the world. At one of the best public policy schools in the world. At one of the greatest cities in the world.

I'm at CHICAGO baby!!


Told you 2018 is gonna be my year.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

2017 best nine

Following the footsteps of recent Instagram trend, I present you my 2017 best nine moments. All of these things that keep 2017 from getting cancelled. Things that save 2017. Things that made me said "hmm life wasn't that bitch after all".

-not on particular order-

Adopted these 2 little guys

After my last cat died (RIP Mocha), I always wanted to adopt another cat. I didn't make any effort to search tho, I just told my friends about it. Til late May, my friend said that his cat just gave birth to 3 kittens. He took one, his brother took another, and the last is offered to me.  Of course I said yes! 
meet Coco
Not long after, my ex-boss offered one of her cat to me as well. She had 20+(!!) cats in her house both in Bandung and Jakarta, and her family decided to give away some of them.
meet Snowy
These two cats are on the opposite side of the spectrum:
  • I took Coco in Bintaro, while I took Snowy in Bekasi what an unimportant detail
  • Coco is domestic longhair, Snowy is exotic shorthair
  • Coco is haven't been neutered yet, Snowy is missing his balls.
  • Coco eats fast, Snowy eats slowly.
  • Coco will eat literally everything, from bug to veggie leaves. Snowy only eats Royal Canin urinary.
  • Coco hunts so well that there are no more roaches or lizards in my home. Snowy just sniffs when he sees animal, then walks away
  • Coco is extremely playful and curious, he react to everything while Snowy, well let's just say the he is not that excited
  • Coco does not like to be touched, he will claw even when I just boop his nose. Snowy is very very very touchy. Heck he often climbs on my stomach, purring and making dough. 
The way I see them, Coco is like a typical rebellious teenager, while Snowy is like 30 something adult with old soul begrudgingly judging the teenager. They rarely play together, and when they do, it's just Coco teases Snowy over and over again til Snowy clapped and bite Coco's neck. Let's just say that they don't get along. But it's fine. I love them both. I love when I make Coco go crazy over his fishing toy. I love when I startle Snowy so he runs with his plump bottom. I love when suddenly Coco rests in my arm when I sleep in the couch. I love when Snowy rests in my body when I sleep in my room. They are the main reason I keep sane this year. How can I still be mad or sad when I pet them?
these goofballs

Self care is always simple

I see self care as hobbies, or things that I look forward to do within minutes to indulge myself. It's kinda sad to wake up everyday without at least one thing that will excite me today. So I've been thinking what habit that I can turn into fun me time? What did I like? I like reading but I don't see myself commit to read 5 page everyday. I like eating but I can't cook. I'd like to try baking but I can't stand the mess after. I like perfumes, but perfumes is expensive. Hey wait a minute, I like perfume because I like being smelled nice. What else can make me smells nice? Shower time it is!!

So I go to Bodyshop, grabbed bath lily and the nicest smelling soap I found. I bought facial cleansing brush. I moved the small chair to my bathroom so I can sit for long time. Voila! Fun me time with all those bubbles and fragrance! I bought Lush bath bombs to use whenever I stay at hotels so that I can soak myself in tub after a long dreadful meeting. I sit in hot watered tub, sometimes while listen to random playlist on Spotify, and let my mind set adrift. Only imagining that already makes my mind feels at ease.

Anyway from all bath/shower products I've tried, here are my favorites (not on particular order):

  1. The Body Shop Argan Oil Bubble Bath. Lovely smell, not a in your face type of smell, and the foam is generous.
  2. Lush Santa's Belly shower jelly. Yes I know shower jelly is difficult to handle, it will crumble in no time, but my God how it feels in your hand is just the most hilarious feeling ever. Plus they're fragrant to boot.
  3. Lush Intergalactic bath bomb. Love the color blue and the smell.
  4. OGX eucalyptus mint shampoo and conditioner. My scalp is happy and my hair just feels oh so luxurious.

Who knows pampering myself can be this simple :)


I tried to find new hobby to keep me occupied at weekend. I always admire well groomed garden, preferably in English style. I like the idea of nurturing a plant from seeds to bloom. But other than bean sprout experiment during elementary school, I never tried gardening. Mainly because I feel my home in inadequate for gardening since my home doesn't have a lawn. Come think of it, that was not an excuse. I can plant in garden pots in rooftop. So on a whim I bought garden pots, vegetable and flower seeds, seed tray, soil, and fertilizers from online shopping. I even bought lemon trees from out of town.

Every weekend, I spare my time under morning sun to plant, remove seedlings from seed tray to pots, water, cut yellow and infested leaves, give fertilizer, you know usual gardening stuff. So far, I only had success in growing flowers and fruits. My tomato and chili seeds are growing but before they got big, they dead because of fungus. 
RIP Chili
My lemon tree though:

And look at my sunflowers! 
standing tall and beautiful
See, I don't think myself as good at gardening. I just love doing it. I love to distract myself from whatever bugs me on weekdays and  have some peaceful me time on weekend. I love watching my seed grows: from a mere grain, to a seedling, look first leaf arrive, and suddenly they had growth spurt. And they bloom before me. I am assured that if I put my time and effort in something, it will return.

The best support system

During hard times (notice plural for time), I relied on my support system: my closest friends. 
with Nohan, Zeckri, and mba Enggar during our trip at Tangkahan

with Septine, Tice, and Luthfia at Bali
with Yuni at office party
with Kriskrop who deserve his own blog post
Nuno. Heyy I haven't taken pic with him recently!

my birthday bash. it's dark i knooow!
the most uplifting text ever
It's comforting to know that I have some people whom you can turn to whenever I feel sad, tired, or merely in need of validation and support. Those who will not let me shed a tear and smack some sense into my head. I can't feel grateful enough for them.


I am not exactly a pious person, but when the time is right I am very much would like to go to the Holy Land. The opportunity came last year when my colleague offered me to join umroh group organized by his family. It was THAT dodgy umroh agency that I'm sure everyone knows by now. At that time they seems reliable. Turned out that my group was the last group that able to depart. Given the circumstances, I was very lucky to be able to go Holy Land alhamdulillah, tho I am sad for those who was not as lucky as me. Hope they will get their money back...

Anyway when I first arrived at Prophet Mosque in Madinah, I feel overwhelmed. I was touched when I stepped my foot inside Raudah. I never feel so close to beloved Prophet given his tomb was really near me. I remember exactly the first time I saw Kabah. I literally cried when I had the chance to go inside Hijr Ismail. I stand in Safa and Marwa in awe, imagined how these two little hills has withstood the time being a witness to millions and millions of ummah that come praying there. I am humbled by this entire experience. I even asked myself what did I do to deserve umroh?
array of believers
beautiful Nabawi mosque
Before I depart for umroh, I wrote down specific prayer. I read the prayer everywhere and everytime during umroh. I had that peace of mind when I know God listened and granted my prayer. And now by the grace of God, I have everything I wish except one. It was something that obviously will not be granted to me, but in retrospect God already promised to give me even better thing. I'll just have to wait. Let's just say that God is really is great.


Thanks to promotion by Turkish Airlines, I got a Singapore - Barcelona return ticket for only IDR 7.5 million! Unbelievable isn't it? Actually my main destination is not Barcelona but Morocco. It was cheaper to go to Morocco via Barcelona rather than direct from Jakarta. But don't get me wrong, Barcelona is a fantastic city, I'd love to go back there!
breathtaking Sagrada Familia

So how was Morocco? I love getting lost in Souks and alleyways in Fez and Marrakech. I really enjoyed my time in blue city Chefchaouen. But the highlight of my trip was 2 day Sahara desert trip. At the end of first day I was dropped in a hotel in Merzouga. I rode a camel into the camp, watched the sunset, had a lovely dinner, listened to lively Berber music, and literally slept under the stars. In the morning, I climbed sand dune to watch the sunrise.
Camel ride to camp

me, mba Wida, and Nohan
lively camp at night

in the sand dunes. look at the tiny camp below!
Seriously the pics can't give any justice to the Sahara. It was BEAUTIFUL whether on evening or morning, during sunset or sunrise, under the moon or under the sun. Among the vast sand, I feel so insignificant that it feels like all my troubles were gone. I recommend everyone to spend a night there!

Joining RUBI

In 2016, my ex-colleague often posts about RUBI in Path (anyone still use Path?), so often that I am intrigued. I googled it and I found that it was a nice movement. I care abut education in Indonesia, since I firmly believe that education is a basic right, it needs communal effort to develop education (not just government but also society), and good education will improve this nation and its people. By joining RUBI, I think I can actually participate in improving Indonesia even in a small scale.

Immediately I want to join, but alas, volunteer registration that year was already closed. Finally I can join on 2017. I was set to teach in Musi Rawas, a district near Lubuklinggau, South Sumatra. And let's say those 2 days teaching was really an eye opener.

I thought "struggle to go to school" thing only happens on the most remote area in Indonesia, but it happens also on province that is close to Jakarta. In South Sumatra, there is a village that takes 3 hours to reach using BOAT. And the amount of teachers in one certain school was appaling to say the least. Only 1 teacher and 1 principal! That's just so so sad. Students didn't come to school during harvest weeks to help their parents, therefore the school was empty. Those were what I learned while in there, and I am sure there are lot more problems.

Despite all those, the teachers who come to RUBI session were very enthusiastic. I can see that they were very sincere, they want the best for students, school, and for themselves. And I feel I was very privileged, sheltered kid. This experience gave me more incentives to contribute more. I had no idea what I will do, but certainly I will do something.

Anyway special shout out to kak Uti who helped me tremendously on my first RUBI experience!

with kak Uti

all the great teachers, volunteers, and committee!

New York state of mind

I finally visit New York!! My dream city since like ever!!! City that I always see in movies and TVs!! How lucky am I?? What a dream come true!!

Initially I didn't have a plan to visit this year. But due to sheer luck (Alhamdulillah!), I have a training there. It was so sudden it feels unreal when I stepped my foot in JFK airport last November: I'm finally here! I have 9 days here! OH SO EXCITED! ALHAMDULILLAH!! Oh and I officially already set foot to five continents: Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa,  and America. Woohoo!

So what did I do in the Big Apple? 
Trying many food in many restaurants. Strolling in Central Park. Enjoying the Met and AMNH. Crossing Brooklyn Bridge. Going around in downtown with free tour. Visiting 911 museum and memorial. Admiring Time Square at night. Seeing the cityscape from Top of the Rock. Shopping in Woodbury and many places in NYC. Your typical NYC first timer's itinerary.
I want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep~
my fave pic of me in NY
And what do I think of New York? Whoo boy the city did not disappoint!!! It's imperfect but in a perfect way. It was crowded, so very crowded even more so than Jakarta, but still organized somehow. It was very cold, especially in downtown. But that's okay, this tropical girl come prepared. Well I admit I only visit downtown and midtown, plus Woodbury, and I can see why some people think the places are overrated, but I genuinely enjoy my trip. I feel like I am a part of a bigger and more diverse world. I feel like I can be everything. Strange feeling that I did not feel anywhere else...

The downside on visiting New York City is, well, I become broke HAHAHA.. HA.. ha.. Who knows eating and shopping will cost you so much? Yeah no shit Sherlock~ but hey, I'm happy so the amount I spent doesn't matter! At least I managed to restrain myself from crazier shopping spree (tho I kinda regret why didn't I buy that smart watch and pretty handbag just why oh why). Can I call that an achievement? Please?

New York trip will have its own blog post, I promise!

I am the cool girl that I aspired to be

I was walking in cinema after office hour, plan to watch a movie alone, when I realized "hey, I am ~that~ cool girl that I want to be when I grow up!". During elementary school, I have a specific image in my mind on what a grown woman is like. And there I was, fully embodied all those images:
Walked briskly, wore cool outfit, had a prestigious job and extra money to spare, got a small circle of friends, traveled here and there, enjoyed doing things alone (or in this case, eating and watching movie alone). And single. Don't know why in my 10 y.o. mind, single 20 something girl is a criteria of being cool
But  the most important thing is I know what I want and I know how to get shit done.

And this realization gave me massive confidence boost. If you can be what your childhood dreamed you to be, then you're all set in life. Look, my life in no way perfect. I am not perfect. I was angry, I was hurt, I was vengeful. But I carry on. I changed from a girl deep drown in tears to a girl that find it's rewarding to have a lot of me time. I feel stupid before, but now I feel he is more stupid than me literally and figuratively. I am still angry, but now I accept that anger. Life was a bitch, and is still a bitch, so I better make it MY bitch anyway.

That's me in a grand scheme of things. I come and I conquer.
So cheerio 2017.

And hello 2018. No I will not ask you to be good to me. Why because I'm gonna make you my year!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Krisna Kriskop Kriscuy Krisdance

Akhir tahun 2012, sore hari di Kemang. Gue, S, T, I, dan A sedang belajar bareng buat ujian klasikal. Niatnya aja belajar, padahal sebenernya banyakan main. Kita main game komparatif random: satu orang sebut nama, orang di sebelahnya sebut nama, dan orang di sebelahnya lagi bikin pertanyaan "siapa yang lebih..?". Nama yang kita pake adalah nama temen-temen seangkatan. Game mulai sampai tibalah di pertanyaan sebagai berikut:
S: (nyebut nama orang)
I: Krisna
A: siapa yang paling pengen lo flush kalo ketemu??

T: hmm Krisna
C: Krisna sih
S: Krisna lah
I: ih ko tega sih. Krisna
A: yaudalah kalo ketemu flush beneran aja bahahahaha

Gue juga ngga ngerti kenapa kita bisa setega itu, padahal kenal-kenal banget ma Krisna juga ngga hahaha.. Mungkin karena penampilannya "meyakinkan" ya, you know tipikal anak ilmu komputer: kacamataan, kurus kecil (padahal anaknya ga kecil-kecil amat haha), bertatapan sendu, tampak sangat rohis, belum hembusan gosip yang bilang nih anak galau segalau-galaunya galau. Gosipnya ngga usah diceritain lah ya, biarlah tertiup angin bersama dengan remah-remah boncabe. 

Eh taunya pas jaman OJT, entah kenapa gue bisa jadi deket sama Krisna ini. Mungkin gara-gara sering pulang bareng kali ya. Selama perjalanan minimal sejam ke rumah, pasti ada aja yang diobrolin tuh, mulai dari omongan remeh temeh sampai omongan dari hati ke hati (azeq). Bahkan pas OJT ke daerah, bisa-bisanya gue bareng OJT sama anak ini! Tapi dari pertemanan selama itu, gue pun tau kalo ybs ternyata aslinya emang galau (ini mau diapain), tipikal anak informatika (yhaa ini juga mau diapain), ga rohis rohis amat (paling ngga tidak ada tirai di antara kita), tapi ga pengen bikin diflush ko. Tapi anaknya memang enak buat dibully (haha maaph eaa Kris), dan dia juga sepertinya menyerahkan diri untuk dibully. Jadi klop deh. 

Mengenai galaunya Krisna, ini udah jadi semacam trademark, kaya KrisnaGalau™. Dulu gue bahkan sempat merasa half annoyed half concerned karena beberapa hal yang dia bilang, apalagi kalo ceritanya cuma sepotong-sepotong. Tipe curhat yang bikin gue bertanya gemez "ini anak kenapa deh?". Kaya pengen gue krop dari kehidupan. Tapi lama kelamaan, si Krisna meng-embrace kegalauannya dan mulai bisa bersikap dalam kegalauan (apa sih ini bahahaha). Di fase inilah, half annoyed half concerned gue berubah menjadi "oh lagi galau, sini u mau cerita apa?". 

It is safe to say, that he already become one of my best friends. Tau kan tipikal temen kantor yang "Kris mau balik kapan? bareng dong" atau "cuy udah nonton ini belom? yok" atau "cuy eh ada gosip!". Gue jadi tau apa aja yang dia suka: pergundaman (tidak heran), DC (dan kaos-kaos DC andalan yang dipake nonton untuk menyatakan SIKAP), board game (kalo yang ini seru, gue pun jadi suka), hal-hal jejepangan (jaket Jepang yang dipake kapanpun dimanapun, ga peduli panas atau dingin. yha untung mainnya masi sama jaket bukan waifu), dan fotografi (hamdallah bisa difoto-foto kalo pergi bareng). Ditambah nih anak multitalenta: bisa nyanyi, bisa nari, ikut kepanitiaan ini itu, you name it. Bayangan gue tentang puncak seorang Krisna adalah: tiap wiken di apartemen saja, hari Sabtu jadwal ngelap dan mandiin gundam, hari Minggu jadwal nyuci film (yes dia punya kamera film) sendiri di kamar gelap menghasilkan foto-foto hasil stalking, dan saat upacara 17an dia nyanyi sambil nari sambil ngibarin bendera.

Dan selama beberapa tahun ini, ada beberapa hal memorable tentang ybs. Waktu 17an tahun 2014, gue nonton dia tetiba muncul jadi pembuka tari kolosal. Gue bangga dong ya "omg itu temen gue yang jadi monyet-monyetan! Temen gueee jadi leader dance crew sekantor!!". Gue pernah sampai pengen ketemu certain person yang bikin dia sedih, "oi mba why you doing what you doing now hmm? ga punya hati lo ya!" ala-ala kakak kelas SMA. Gue bangga waktu dia jalan-jalan sendiri ke Jepang (kenapa juga deh gue bangga hahaha macam anak gue aja). Gue ikut hepi waktu dia hepi karena menemukan si semacam. Gue pun hepi ngeledekin dia waktu dia lagi berantem sama semacam di Bagan hahahaha... Gue lebih hepi lagi karena akhirnya dia selangkah lagi menuju kepastian bersama si semacam.

Ada juga sih hal yang bikin gue bertanya-tanya. Kadang gue udah janjian ma nih bocah, entah makan nonton atau ngerandom, eh terus dia menghilang aja gitu. Hence Krisna lanang ilang. Ada masa dimana dia cerita kalo dia ngerasa ga yakin sama diri sendiri. Padahal yang gue liat adalah dia pekerjakeras, jarang komplain, dan dedicated. Lah ko bisa ngerasa ga pede. Tell me, how could you feel that? (ala ala video Afi)

Above all, I'm grateful to him for helping me survive certain shitty times. Gue juga bisa galau ko, dan waktu gue galau ini salah satu yang dengerin gue ya Krisna. Di suatu Sabtu malam yang shitty di satu restoran, gue nelepon dia sambil nangis di uber (iya di uber, maaf ya mas mas uber). Hampir sejam dia dengerin dan ngasi masukan. Besoknya dia langsung make sure kalo gue ditemenin makan karena dia tau kebiasaan gue kalo lagi stres ya ga makan. Beberapa bulan setelah itu pun, gue kadang masih cerita that shitty thing tapi in a less dramatic fashion. Dia masih dengerin semua cerita gue. Hampir setahun kemudian, di suatu sore di hari libur di restoran yang berbeda, namun masih karena hal shitty yang sama, gue nelepon dia lagi "Kris lo lagi di apartemen ga? Ketemu di mallnya ya". Jadilah gue nyamperin dia, kali ini in a much more dramatic fashion karena gue nangis bombay di Rice Bowl. He still listened, he still gave a word or two. Di antara banyak momen itu, hal yang paling membantu gue adalah omongan Krisna yang ini "he's not on your league". Ha, bener juga, kenapa juga gue sedih for a person beneath me?

Sekarang, tetiba anaknya dimutasi sama kantor. Jauh banget lagi ke Kupang. Gue sedih juga sih karena temen gue bakal jauh banget. Kalo gue berantem terus sedih lagi (yha amit-amit deh), gue harus nyamperin siapa dong? Temen pulang gue siapa? Tapi kalo dipikir-pikir, ko gue egois ya kenapa juga concern-nya tentang gue. Seketika gue ga sedih lagi, karena kalo gue melihat dari sisi dia, gue yakin dia bisa survive di tempat baru. Ya siapa tau bisa jadi agen tunggal Gundam Jaya di Kupang kan, atau jadi artis vlog yutuber "Sasando Krisna: mari belajar kebudayaan NTT. Please like comment and subscribe!". Gue hepi juga ngeliat dia punya kesempatan mengerjakan sesuatu yang baru, daripada lembur terus di tempatnya sekarang hahaha...

Sebenernya gue nulis post ini dalam rangka bikin kado perpisahan dia mutasi. Harusnya cuma nulis quote aja, but I think a mere quote is not enough to tell how I feel about our friendship. Holaa Kriskrop, kalo u baca ini (harus baca dong! awas u kalo ga baca!), thank youuu for putting up with all my drama, antics, and tears. Thank youuu for being my friend. Do know that you're worth more than you think. You deserve all of the good things in this world ok!

BTW ini quotenya:
“The wide world is all about you: you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot forever fence it out.” (JRR Tolkien)
Take care cuy in your new adventure! :)

Bonus foto-foto:
masa-masa OJT bersama geng Palembang. bakat menyanyi Krisna sudah tampak 

nonton gratisan sama Atid lengkap dengan drama: Kris: dimana cuy? gue udah di Sarinah. gue dan Atid: lah kita kan nontonnya di PI. Kris: .... yaudah gue kesana
dines ke Batam sekaligus main ke Singapore sama Riski dan Nita
ke comic con sama si gilingan pecel yang tau-tau minta ikut padahal ga ada yang ajak. Btw kaosnya Krisna sama deh sama pas main ke Singapore 

nonton balet beramai-ramai yeayy

perjalanan karir Krisdance. puncak pencapaian di antara jadi kardus atau jadi monyet-monyetan

main ke Bagan sama Nohan, mba Enggar, dan Zeckri
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Saturday, January 28, 2017

2016 in a glimpse

I haven't blog in a long time.. And I even forgot to post my annual year end review! So let's take a look on what happened to me during 2016.

Many good things happened in 2016. I went to Italy (my dream country since I was in the college), went to Singapore watched a nice musical (all hail Le Miz), went to Jogja (as I posted before), did via ferrata (one of the reckless decision I've had in my life), took the best trip to Bagan Myanmar with the best travel buddies ever (this deserve it's own post), submit my long overdue college application to my office, etc etc. For those, I was grateful.

But there was one certain thing that outweigh all good things. It outweigh so much til I feel 2016 was a MEH year. I feel like 2016 is a chapter that I should lock and throw out of window off my life. Yes it was that MEH. Never I feel want to forget something as much as I want now.. It's been almost a year since it happened but I still feel jolt in my mind whenever I remember it, followed by anxiety and anger. It was, and it is getting better, but it seems it would take a while for me to forget completely.

Thus my song for 2016 is:

Well I took the song title too literally haha.. It is whimsical yet beautiful, a bit dreamy, and somehow resonates with my state of mind. Anyway hope in 2017 I'd be able to forget that thing, or at least, I'd be able to forget how I feel about that thing. Ignorance is such a bliss you know.